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40’s Halloween Costumes | 1940s Costumes For Adults & Kids

The 40’s were known for the Second World War that took place between 1939 and 1945. This event changed the world greatly and its resonating is still in effect nowadays. Dressing in 40’s style Halloween costumes is a perfect way to celebrate the efforts that our ancestors have made during that period.

Are you looking for 40’s themed costume ideas? We have a wide variety of fancy dress costumes – WW2, pin-up girls, WAC,  land girls, factory worker- Rosie the Riveter – nurse, jazz singers, housewives, army ladies, and many more – you are looking for.

Most people consider military uniforms for ladies to be extremely sexy and this is why 40’s retro army girl Halloween costume ideas are so popular for Halloween or other costume parties. There is no better way to show your support for your country than dressing up in a hot 40’s costume and have everyone around you stare.

For a sexy as well as classic look for Halloween, go for 40’s pin-up girl Halloween costumes that feature short dresses and shorts, high-heels, and deep V-necks. We have sexy 40’s costume ideas that include sailor costumes, army costumes, and many other sexy pin up costumes that are a great choice for any daring woman who is looking for a a retro look with a modern sexy twist.

Today, the 40’s remain one of the important parts of history, with public figures and a distinct style. Pin-up culture flourished and ladies became more independent as many started to become a part of the working force after men were sent off to war.

If you are going to celebrate the 40’s this Halloween or putting together a theater production or a school play from that era, then you are bound to find any 40’s costume idea you need right here!

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