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50’s Halloween Costumes | 1950s Costumes Ideas For Adults & Kids

Some people may think that it was more fun to live during the 50’s. Surely, in the 1950’s, people did not have all the mobile phones and the Internet that modern people have today, but it was a time when you could pick up your best girl in your bent eight and head to the sock hop to do the lindy hop. Nowadays, people prefer twerking in clubs and spamming social nets with their selfies.

Today, people believe that dressing up in Halloween costumes is not just for kids. Adults can also have much fun playing dress-up, whether it is for trick or treating with their children or attending an “adult-only” Halloween party. Adult costumes for Halloween are designed specifically for their bodies and interests, and women especially have a great assortment to choose from. And one of the most popular Halloween costume themes for adults is 50’s Halloween costume ideas that look great on anybody.

The 50’s became a history, but you surely can still carry on the spirit of that decade. With 50’s Halloween costume ideas, you are able to find the whole selection of threads to impress that hunk or that sweetie that you have had your eye on. From greaser jackets to poodle skirts and even Riveting Rosie, you can find everything you may need to bring the 50’s back to the present day.

We have a wide assortment of 50’s Halloween costume ideas that brings the fabulous 50’s back to life. If you want to accessorize your 50’s Halloween costume, then add some of our accessories that include greaser wigs, dotty netted gloves, poodle socks, sunglasses, headbands, and saddle shoes that will complete any ensemble. All of our 50’s costumes are available in separates like T-bird jackets and poodle skirts. Moreover, despite the costumes that replicated the styles of the 50’s we also offer licensed 50’s costume ideas from the movie Grease.

Bobby Soxers and Greasers made up an average teenager in the 50’s, but Hollywood had another scene. Hollywood starlets and pin-up girls were the sexy beauties of that time. So, for the next Halloween party, go as a pin-up girl in one of our pin-up girl costumes or Marilyn Monroe in a beautiful and sexy white halter dress that is an excellent choice for a 50’s themed Halloween costume.

Here you will find a huge selection of women’s 50’s costume ideas like poodle skirts and pink lady costumes. Men’s 50’s outfits range from T-bird jackets to gentlemen costumes. Girls and boys can be bobby soxers and greasers with our wide variety of 50’s costume ideas for children.

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