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70’s Halloween Costumes | 1970s Costume Ideas For Adults & Kids

When you think about fashions in the 70’s, you might think of women in pants suits, maxi dresses, halter necked cat suits, and high-waisted bell bottom pants.

When you think about men’s fashions in the 70’s, you may imagine polyester leisure suits and cheesy disco shirts that were usually worn unbuttoned to show off chest hair and a plethora of gold chains. The 70’s were the age of disco. Movies like Saturday Night Fever showed the decade in all its glory.

Shop our extensive selection of fabulous 70’s costume ideas for Halloween. Disco costumes are fun to boogie in all Halloween night long and bring back the atmosphere of the 70’s fashions. There are also many men’s and women’s 70’s Halloween costume ideas that come is plus size. A wide variety of children’s 70’s costumes let boys and girls get that disco fever as well.

From hippies to disco, the 70’s were a decade of change and cultural evolution. Now you have a chance to come back to the idealism and “funky” dancing of the 70’s with our fabulous selection of 70’s Halloween costume ideas; from hippie to disco outfits for men, women, kids, and even pets.

After dressing up in your costume, complete it with some of our accessories like mustaches, bandanas, hoop earrings, disco shades, sunglasses, leg warmers, eyelashes, and others. 70’s footwear is an extremely important part of making your 70’s Halloween ensemble complete.

Men’s platform shoes and women’s strappy high heels go perfectly with any of our 70’s costumes, but remember about our go-go boots that look just amazing when put on with hot pants and miniskirts. Top off your 70’s disco costume with a wig.

Men will definitely get a kick out of wearing a wig with pork chop sideburns and a mustache while women will go for the feathered flip styles.

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