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1980’s Halloween Costumes | 80s-90s Costume Ideas For Adults & Kids

The 80’s were a time about fun, neon colors, and big hair. During the 80’s, everybody wore sunglasses at night. Strawberry Shortcake, Smurfs, Care Bears, and Cabbage Patch dolls made a play for the kids of that decade. Rubik’s Cube puzzled adults, teens, and youngsters alike. Now all of these memories can be brought to life with some 80’s costume ideas.

The reigning divas of this era were Tina Turner, Madonna, and Cindi Lauper. There was also the popular movie Flashdance with a character that women wanted to emulate. All of the above mentioned characters can be easily found in 80’s costumes. Malls and arcades were the places to hang out and no one dared to go there unless his or her hair and outfit were just right, and just like the 80’s costumes on the following pages.

Our fabulous collection of adorable 80’s Halloween costumes is just right from the past for those who are going to attend an 80’s theme party or searching for a unique Halloween costume idea. There are a variety of 80’s costumes available in sizzling green, vibrant yellow, and hot pink colors.

Of course, women should stick to the stereotype to create a perfect 80’s Halloween costume. An 80’s rainbow Halloween costume is a fun choice, and for any daring woman, an 80’s red player Halloween costume is a good alternative to any traditional 80’s Halloween costumes. And because this decade would not have been the same without big hair why not to complete your look with a stylish wig?

Men can look cool wearing werewolf costumes, Alf costumes, Mario costumes, and other Halloween costumes. Black hammer pants are all you need to look great at the next 80’s Halloween party, although we offer more options to choose from.

Cindi Lauper’s style is also showcased in adult 80’s pop party costumes for both women and girls. Tina Turner’s timeless look can be recreated with the trademark spiked blonde hair and the silver-sequined mini-dress that Tina wore during the 80’s. No 80’s costumes are complete without accessories that include fingerless gloves, leg warmers, shoes, a hip hop graphic tee, torn jean leggings, ripped fishnet stockings, and jelly bracelets.

So, as you see, everything you may need to recreate the drama of the 80’s is available. While you are not ready to actually travel back in time to relive your favorite decade, you can at least get a piece of the past in the form of our 80’s costume ideas for Halloween. So get hands on cassette tapes, find a pair of parachute pants and get your party started!