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Medusa Gorgona Costume Ideas

The contrast of Medusa – her horror and beauty at the same time – makes for an effective Halloween costume. Our extensive selection of fabulous Medusa costume ideas will give you beautiful sexy looks with the right amount of fear from those terrifying snakes. You can make your own Medusa look as fearsome as you wish by adding more or fewer snake accessories, like Medusa costume headpieces, Medusa hats, Medusa wigs, gold snake necklaces, and others.

Get one of our Medusa costumes and become part of a couple Halloween costume with your male-friend dressed up as Perseus, or part of a themed group of ancient goddesses with your female-friends dressed up as goddesses.

A mythical Medusa costume, a mythical Gordon Medusa costume, or a serpentine goddess costume – no matter what Medusa costume ideas you like better, as long as we have stocked all costumes in one place.

Our Medusa costume ideas feature flowing dresses with sheer shawls and look perfect when accompanied by wands or staffs. These modern Medusa Gorgona costumes are closer to resembling Greek goddesses than the monster of the legend. To add more sex appeal to your Medusa look, go for a pair of fabulous Greek sandals or laced boots.

All of our Medusa costume ideas and accessories offer a great opportunity to team up with your family members and close friends for some very special Halloween photos. Our selection of Medusa Gogrona costume ideas gives limitless options for ladies en for Halloween.

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