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Genie Costume Ideas

Many ladies have a fun time dressing up as Bollywood dancers and men enjoy that rare chance to perform magic while being dressed up as genies. The popularity of movies such as Aladdin has increased the need for many styles of genie costume ideas.

Today, genie costume ideas for adults come in creative styles such as sexy I dream of Jeannie costumes for ladies and humorous genie and magic lamp costumes for men. Check out our extensive selection of adorable genie costume ideas that come in sizes for both adults and children and get ready to celebrate Halloween.

Fabulous costumes that come with matching gold shoes and headpieces are going to make people think that you have come straight out of the magic lamp! Both adults and kids have a variety of dazzling looking genie costumes as well as funny sultan and sheik outfits to put on for Halloween.

Figuratively speaking, our selection of genie Halloween costume ideas has no bounds. Want to be a sultan with a turban? We can do that. What about becoming a dreamy genie for Halloween? Yes, we can do that, as well! An Arab sheik? A genie with a magic lamp? A Bollywood dancer? Yes, yes and yes!

We also have additional items, such as turbans, coin hip scarfs, gold genie shoes, wigs, genie purses, jewelry sets, and others that do not only finish our genie costumes but also create extraordinary outfits when paired with a handmade ensemble.

A genie, a sultan, or a sheik – no matter what genie costume idea you like better, as long as we have stocked the best genie costume ideas for both adults and kids in one place.

Our genie costume ideas and accessories offer a great opportunity to team up with your family and friends for some very special Halloween photos. With such a selection of genie Halloween costume ideas, it is difficult to choose just one. We have all your genie costume and accessory needs covered with free delivery anywhere in the USA, Canada, and the UK.

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