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Adult Deluxe Iron Patriot Costume


Adult Deluxe Iron Patriot Costume | Become the new and improved War Machine when you wear this adult deluxe Iron Patriot costume! This is a licensed costume from the movie Iron Man 3.


Adult Deluxe Iron Patriot Costume

Being Iron Patriot is pretty awesome. You get to fly around helping the government in an armored suit that would make Uncle Sam himself shed a tear in weepy joy. The drawback to any costume based on this armor? You can’t eat delicious nachos or drink a delicious beverage without removing your helmet! That is, until now. Finally, Stark Tech has figured out how to flip up the visor! So, you’ll enjoy that, as well as looking patriotic and super heroic in this Deluxe Iron Patriot Costume. And if you want to wear it on the Fourth of July, that would be just fine, too.

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