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Adult Deluxe Pre Vizsla Costume


Adult Deluxe Pre Vizsla Costume | The adult deluxe Pre Vizsla costume carries the tradition of the Mandalorians with its iconic armor. Based on the design seen in the Clone Wars, you can bet that Darth Maul won’t be able to best you in a rematch.


Adult Deluxe Pre Vizsla Costume

Mandalorians eat, drink and sleep combat. That’s why you’ll almost never see Pre Vizsla walking around without his Mandalorian armor. So what are you doing just hanging out without your armor? You never know when you’ll need to fight a Jedi in melee combat, or when a Sith Lord will challenge you to a duel. You don’t want to be caught wearing jeans and a t-shirt do you? You’d better just play it safe and wear Pre Vizla’s gear all the time.

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