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Anakin Skywalker Adult Glove

17.99$ 15.99$

Anakin Skywalker Adult Glove | Hide your robotic hand inside an Anakin Skywalker Adult Glove. With this unique accessory you can create Anakins infamous costume from Star Wars Episode Two and Three. Step into the dark side and into a pair of costume gloves.


Anakin Skywalker Adult Glove

This IS the glove you’re looking for. We could use a Jedi mind trick to convince you to buy this Anakin Skywalker Adult Glove through the power of the internet (and the force) or you can just buy it of your own accord… because, you know… you need it to complete your costume! You know that recreating Anakin’s iconic costume from Star Wars Episode 3 isn’t going to happen without it. No Jedi mind tricks needed, right?

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