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Arkham City Joker Latex Mask


Arkham City Joker Latex Mask | If you’ve played Arkham City, then you’ll recognize this version of the maniacal Joker! Become the supervillain from the hit Batman Arkham City video game with this Joker mask!


Arkham City Joker Latex Mask

After Arkham Asylum was destroyed by a titan fueled Joker it was decided that a section of Gotham City would be used as a new prison. And since there was no where else to send him the Joker then got to rule over a small area of this new city prison. Even though the clown prince of crime was feeling ill he still found time to cause trouble for Batman as he tried to deal with being in Arkham City. Now you can look just like the Joker as he looked in the video game Arkham City with this great mask!

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