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Baroness Adult Costume


Baroness Adult Costume | The Baroness was never this hot. Take Cobra to a whole new level with this Baroness Adult Costume!


Baroness Adult Costume

As Baroness, you may want to consider a little restructuring of the power chain in Cobra. Since Cobra Commander took command, they’ve lost every single major operation against the G.I. Joe and his plans for world domination included creating a heavy metal band called Cold Slither to take over the minds of the youth. He may not have really been ready for a role in management just yet. Maybe it’s time Cobra looked elsewhere for a leader. Like you, perhaps. Cold, calculating and way better looking in a catsuit than Cobra Commander will ever be, it really won’t take much convincing for you to take command. It doesn’t hurt that you’ll be looking downright deadly in this licensed outfit either!

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