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Captain America Hoodie


Captain America Hoodie | We don’t have any super soldier serum around here, but we do have this Captain America Hoodie, which makes you look like Steve Rogers. That’s close enough to having superpowers, right?


Captain America Hoodie

All it really takes to be one of the Avengers is a cool costume…and some super powers…and a really cool weapon…and enough guts to fight a Norse god with your bare hands. Okay, so maybe there’s a lot more to being Captain America than just the cool outfit, but you have to start somewhere, right? This sweatshirt is the first step. It’s a comfy design, modeled after your favorite article of clothing, the modest hoodie, and yet, it’s got enough superhero flash to make you feel like punching Red Skull in the face a couple of times. We don’t recommend actually punching any bad guys while wearing this licensed Marvel hoodie, since bad guys tend to punch back…(unless you DO have enhanced strength and agility, in which case, punch away).

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