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Child Classic Iron Patriot Costume

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Child Classic Iron Patriot Costume | Wear the Iron Patriot armor from the 2013 Marvel film Iron Man 3! This kids Iron Man costume is officially licensed and will transform your child into a superhero!


Child Classic Iron Patriot Costume

If you’re best friends with Tony Stark you hope that one day you’ll get to wear a suit of armor of your own. Because when you see Iron Man take to the sky you can help but want to have that same feeling. Lucky for James Rhodey Rhodes got his own suit and became War Machine and helped Iron Man out a few times. But once Rhodey started to do more work for the president and the United States he gave his suit a red, white, and blue make over and became the Iron Patriot. Now the Madarin is attacking everyone and it will be up your child to join Iron Man to save the day.

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