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Child Deluxe Hermione Costume


Child Deluxe Hermione Costume | Let your little girl become the person that Harry and Ron turned to for the right spell in this Deluxe Hermione Granger Costume.


Child Deluxe Hermione Costume

Honestly, don’t you two read?If you’re in Hogwarts and need to know an answer to question on your practice potions final there is only one girl to turn to, Hermione Granger. This book smart girl has taken nearly every course the school has to offer thanks the handy Time-Turner she got from Professor McGonagall. With the knowledge she has amassed from each class she has been able to help out her friends Harry Potter and Ron Weasley when they get in over their heads during their adventures. Now your little girl can become the smartest student in Gryffindor with the help of this robe!

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