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Child Deluxe Plo Koon Costume


Child Deluxe Plo Koon Costume | Get a unique Jedi look with this child deluxe Plo Koon costume. This kids Plo Koon Jedi costume is from the Clone Wars movie and is great for Halloween.


Child Deluxe Plo Koon Costume

If you ever find yourself in an epic lightsaber battle there is one Jedi you want by side, Jedi master Plo Koon. This Jedi knight from the planet Dorin is considered one of the best at sword work as well as manning a starfighter. So when the Clone Wars begun the republic knew that they were lucky to have this good guy on their side. Now if your little one wants to pretend to be one of the best Jedi to have ever lived they’ll love dressing up like Plo Koon in this deluxe Star Wars costume.

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