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Dark Shadows Barnabas Cape Jacket

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Dark Shadows Barnabas Cape Jacket | Come out from the shadows and become Barnabas with this Dark Shadows Barnabus Cape! You’ll look like a regular Johnny Depp. Well you’ll look like him sorta.


Dark Shadows Barnabas Cape Jacket

He’s spent 196 years inside a chained coffin in the woods thanks to that meddlesome Angelique, and he’s thankful for finally being able to bust out! Barnabas doesn’t really know too much about the 21st century, due to the fact that he’s been locked up since the 1700’s, but he’s a blood-thirsty vampire who wants to learn the ways of the world. His table manners are up to par, but he has no idea how to rage at a party on a Friday night, so you’ll have to make Barnabas a little cooler while you embody him. Start practicing your best English accent and throw on this Dark Shadows Barnabas Cape Jacket and who knows, maybe someone will really mistake you for Johnny Depp!

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