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Darth Vader Authentic Mask & Helmet


Darth Vader Authentic Mask & Helmet | No, I am your father! That’s what you’ll be dying to say while wearing this Darth Vader Authentic Mask and Helmet. It’s officially licensed from the Star Wars movies and is made from the original molds.


Darth Vader Authentic Mask & Helmet

Need to convince your son to overthrow your boss and rule the galaxy as father and son? You could try wearing this injection molded Darth Vader mask and helmet to set to sway him to your side, but we have to warn you, it didn’t work so well for Vader when he asked Luke. The good news is, this set comes straight from the original movie molds, so at least it will look great with your Star Wars collection after your attempt to turn your son to the dark side fails.

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