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Deluxe Adult Tusken Raider Costume


Deluxe Adult Tusken Raider Costume | When on Tatooine, do like the Sand People. Which, of course, means dressing up in this deluxe adult Tusken Raider costume, fully licensed from Star Wars.


Deluxe Adult Tusken Raider Costume

Old man Ben advises that sand people always travel single file to hide their numbers. These indigenous Tatooine residents get a little bored in between hunts so they like to muck up the plans of the non-natives who venture outside of Mos Eisley. If you fancy yourself tribal at heart, love camping, and are a crack shot with a cycler rifle, you’re going to want to wear this fully licensed Tusken Raider costume. It’s perfect for day trips to the desert or for raiding the stocks of moisture farmers. To complete the costume pick up our replica Tusken Raider Ghaderffii Staff and start practicing your Tusken yells!

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