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Elf Warrior Princess Costume


Elf Warrior Princess Costume | Our Elf Warrior Princess Costume is going to set you on a grand adventure to restore the kingdom. All we can say is you better remember those Ocarina tunes!


Elf Warrior Princess Costume

Here’s a quick guide to saving a kingdom from the forces of evil. First, get yourself a green tunic with a matching pointy hat. Second, get a magical sword imbued with the power to destroy even the most powerful villain. Third, you’ll need to go on a long and arduous journey to collect a myriad of magical items, like a boomerang, a bow, some empty bottles and maybe a power bracelet. Then, and only then, will you be ready to take on legendary video game bad guys. It all starts with that first step though, the green tunic with matching hat and armor.

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