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Karate Kid Daniel San Costume


Karate Kid Daniel San Costume | You’ve learned the Crane Kick, you’ve learned how to wax on and wax off… now you must get this licensed Karate Kid Daniel San Costume to become the true champion!


Karate Kid Daniel San Costume

Are you tired of waxing cars and painting fences in the hopes of learning wicked karate moves? Do you bother every elderly Japanese man in hopes that he’s a martial arts master in disguise? Do you get bullied by guys with weird 80’s haircuts who regularly wear skeleton costumes? We have the solution for you! You don’t need Mr. Miyagi to give you a headband and gi, because we have the outfit that you can wear to the All Valley Karate Championship! It might not actually teach you any karate moves, but everyone will think that you know them and sometimes, that’s good enough.

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