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Men’s Canadian Mountie Costume


Men’s Canadian Mountie Costume | Whenever someone in Canada is in trouble, they shout out for a mountie! Now, with aid from our exclusive Men’s Canadian Mountie Costume, you can be that rescuer!


Men’s Canadian Mountie Costume

How important is upholding the law? How about upholding Canadian justice? Does that float your boat? If it does, you might be just what the Canadian Mounties are looking for in a new officer. Of course, if you really want to impress them with your dedication to justice, you’d show up to your interview wearing this classic red Men’s Canadian Mountie Costume. Riding a horse to your interview never hurts either, but you might need to get two of your buddies to dress up in our two-person horse costume to pull that off without getting your own horse. NOTE: Hat and boots are not included.

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