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Munchkin Woman Deluxe Costume

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Munchkin Woman Deluxe Costume | Our Munchkin Woman Deluxe Costume will transform you into a member of the lullaby league!


Munchkin Woman Deluxe Costume

Being a Munchkin in Munchkinland sounds amazing. First, you get to live in a quaint little house with a thatched roof. Who wouldn’t want to to grow some lollipops and stuff on such an adorable window sill? Second, you get to go to work for one of those guilds. Have you heard the amazing benefits they have? Third, you get to sing infectiously clever and melodious songs all day without anyone looking at you like you’re crazy. Yes, we’d say being a Munchkin like the one in our deluxe costume here is a pretty sweet gig.

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