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Plus Size Candy Man Costume


Plus Size Candy Man Costume | Have you ever heard that ‘the Candy Man can”? Well you can too in this Plus Size Candy Man Costume! What you actually ‘can do’ is up to you to decide. But you’ll look snazzy doing it, that’s for sure.


Plus Size Candy Man Costume

When I went to college, I decided to be a writer. My life could have been very different if only my adviser had told me about the candy man major! Curriculum includes things like Micro Chocolate Economics 101, 18th Century Taffy Art, and Jawbreaker Engineering 101. I can tell you I’d have aced every single one of those classes no problem. If candy college is anything like I imagine it to be, there’s probably marble busts of the great figures in candy history, like Hershey, Mars, and If being the Candy Man is your life’s calling, then this Plus Size Candy Man Costume is a requirement! Enroll today and follow your dreams.

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