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Spiderman Knit Hat

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Spiderman Knit Hat | You don’t have to be Peter Parker to look like Spiderman. All you need is a little gumption and this nifty Spiderman Knit Hat. It’s the only way to stay warm while you’re fighting crime!


Spiderman Knit Hat

Given the latest outbreak of Spider-Man films here are a few things you may have forgotten about our beloved Spidey.1. He’s a psychic (sort of)! Remember the days of the Spidey-sense, knowing when danger was near? 2. He can’t produce webs. That’s right…in the comics it’s a device he builds to shoot them.3. His parents worked for the C.I.A (gasp!). How else did he come to live with his aunt and uncle?4. You’re going to look awesome in this Spiderman Knit Hat!

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