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Tin Man Grand Heritage Costume

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Tin Man Grand Heritage Costume | This Tin Man Grand Heritage Costume is the most authentic Tin Man costume you will find anywhere!


Tin Man Grand Heritage Costume

I’d be a friend with the sparrows and the boy that shoots the arrows, if I only had a heartIt is said that if you walk deep into the woods in the land of Oz you may come across something… or someone. Along the yellow brick road is a mad made completely out of tin who has been there for years. Why does this man stay in one place? Because it has been years since his joints have been oiled. One day though a kind girl by the name of Dorothy Gale came by to help out the poor Tin Man by oiling his joints so he could walk again and join her on her quest to reach the Emerald City. Now you can look just like the Tin Man with this Grand Heritage costume.

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