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Toddler Izzy Deluxe Costume


Toddler Izzy Deluxe Costume | ‘Yay hey, no way!” Your child can be Jake’s friend and helper, Izzy, in this Toddler Izzy Deluxe Costume. Keep Captain Hook from his mission to take over Never Land!


Toddler Izzy Deluxe Costume

We normally don’t encourage children to choose pirate as their career path, but when it comes to Jake and the Neverland Pirates, we give it the A-OK! The Disney Junior show is wildly successful thanks to bright and colorful animation, engaging stories, and infectious songs (Captain Bogg and Salty have been stuck in our heads way more than we’d like to admit). You’ve likely seen your child parked in front of the TV watching this delightful show, so she’s sure to love going in our Toddler Izzy Deluxe Costume. She’ll be saying, Yay hey, no way! all Halloween (and don’t be surprised if that gets stuck in your head, too!).

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