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Womens Nurse Delirium Costume


Womens Nurse Delirium Costume | When you think of a nurse you probably think of a woman in white with a red cross showing prominently on her hat. Not this nurse! No, our Womens Nurse Delirium Costume is what you might see after the apocalypse!


Womens Nurse Delirium Costume

In the abandoned old hospital you can sometimes see a light on late at night. Do not investigate! When the light is on it means that sinister nurses are experimenting on their latest victim. They have turned people inside out, swapped arms for legs, and even turned some poor souls into zombies. It is said that they lure people in by looking great in their uniforms and once they’re trapped they have their latest play toy. Now you can look like one of these evil ladies when you wear this Womens Nurse Delirium Costume.

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