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Flapper Halloween Costume Ideas

When it comes to searching for the perfect Halloween costume, women just cannot seem to get enough of the flapper Halloween costumes. The Flapper girls have so much pizzazz and sex appeal. They defined style in the 20's. The Roaring 20s were all about having a good time. Everything was getting sexy – the language, the dances, the attitude, and especially the clothes.

We offer an extensive selection of flapper Halloween costume ideas that range from authentic replicas to sexy, modern versions of flapper costumes. A perfect example of an authentic flapper costume is the Gatsby Girl Burgundy costume. The foxy fringe flapper costume and jazz flapper costume are an example of the modern, sexy spin on flapper costume ideas. Anyway, they all remain true to the flapper style with many tassels that swing and sway and other features like feather headbands, sequins, long gloves, flapper wigs, and extra long pearls.

Our wide assortment of flapper costume ideas will definitely have you dancing the Charleston! Show your feelings about following the rules by dressing up as a bad girl. These costumes show off the shortened hemlines and flashy details that made flapper girls so visible in the history. If you like jazz and sequins, or fringe and speakeasies, flapper Halloween costumes are the perfect choice for your next Halloween party.

Shake it up and show how those tassels sway on your flapper costume. Long tassels that decorate flapper dresses show off each spin and hip shake you make. This Halloween, become a flapper with one of our many adorable flapper Halloween costume ideas. From traditional to sexy, from black to vibrant red, from halter-top to tank, from standard to plus-size, we have a style to suit any taste and body type.

One of the more classic styles of flapper Halloween costume has been the Miss Millie Halloween costume that features the hemline just below the knee, a feather and sequin headband, and long gloves. A very sexy and contemporary style is a sexy Chicago flapper costume with that comes with a micro mini dress and lots of sequins.

We have flapper Halloween costume ideas for everybody who wants to create an unforgettable Halloween look. At our online store, we offer dazzling combinations of sequins and fringe in a variety of vibrant colors.

Everybody feels sassy and feminine in a flapper costume. No flapper costume idea is complete without flapper accessories. Finish your Halloween outfit with accessories like sexy stockings, shoes, gloves, jewelry, hats, feather, and cigarette holders to make your flapper Halloween costume the best it can be.