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Biblical Halloween Costumes | Biblical Costume Ideas

Throughout the year, parochial schools and churches celebrate different religious holidays by putting on reenactments and plays with actors in biblical costumes. After a mass or sermon, congregates come together to perform these pageant plays.

Most commonly, these plays are put on by adults, but sometimes the Sunday school children take part in the festivities, spending much time rehearsing while their parents attend church services. Biblical costumes are extremely important for making these reenactments authentic, and for this reason, we offer many biblical costume ideas for both adults and children.

These biblical costumes are for every religious holiday including Easter, Christmas, and All Saints Day, but one of these costumes can be also worn for Halloween. A wide variety of biblical costume ideas includes Mary costumes, Jesus costumes, Archangel Gabriel costumes, nun costumes & priest costumes, Pope costumes, shepherd costumes, wise men costumes, and many more that come in sizes for the whole family. For telling the biblical stories, Roman soldier costumes and angel costumes are also very important.

However, biblical costumes can be worn for more than just church-related activities, dressing up as popular religious figures for a costume party is a time-honored decision that will surely surprise and delight your guests. For such an occasion, take a look at our priest, nun, angel, monk, and devil costumes; these costume ideas come in a variety of sizes and styles, so we are sure that you will find a costume you like.

See our complete line of biblical costume ideas for the whole family and enjoy putting them on as a celebration of your faith. We do not have Halloween costumes only as we also sell costumes for all occasions, including religious occasions as well. Of course, if you are going to make a joke of things, we will not judge you.

Check out the whole selection of comical and somewhat racy costumes such as Adam and Eve costumes and pregnant nun costumes that are based on religious figures. For women who do not want to make a sacrifice of their sexuality, we have bad habit nun costumes, garden of Eve costumes, sinful sister costumes, and other sexy costume ideas. Just do not blame us if that bites you in the afterlife!

Despite the fact that you can get the highest-quality and best-looking biblical costume ideas here, we also offer our customers fast and free delivery to any destination in the USA, Australia, Canada, and the UK. So, team up with your friends for the next Halloween party with our fabulous biblical costumes!