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Vampire Halloween Costume Ideas

Vampires are one of the most stylish Halloween villains. Unfortunately, they cannot even see themselves in a mirror. This not a problem for you as you and the people you are with will be able to see your vampire splendor. Use the vampire teeth to give your vampire costume idea a bit more bite!

Halloween is known as a hair-raising holiday, and vampire Halloween costume ideas are an excellent way to keep with that tradition. Our vampire Halloween costumes come in a variety of styles. You can become the classic Transylvanian vampire that is described by Bram Stoker.

Other types are the Vampire of Versailles like French vampires and Victorian vampires too. Once you wear a black cape and use the vampire teeth, you will create the look of one the world’s most popular Halloween characters. Vampire makeup and fake blood will also help.

Hollywood’s filmmakers have jumped all over the vampire phenomenon, creating scenes that draw an audience in. Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Van Helsing, Blade, and the Twilight Saga give us intriguing vampires. It is that mystery and brooding darkness that captures people’s attention.

Then there is the intrigue of immortality and beauty that make us fall in love with these creatures of the night. Because of the Twilight series, vampires are extremely popular, especially with the ladies. Use this to your advantage by dressing up as a character that most ladies find appealing and intriguing. If nothing else, a vampire costume idea will be a great icebreaker.

You have almost limitless options if you want to become a vampire for the next Halloween party. Decide on whether you want to be a modern vampire or a historic one, your own concept or a specific fictional character. To become an elegant vampire, gentle, glamorous historical vampire, pick up a vampire costume idea that is inspired by formal wear. Any of our Victorian vampire costume ideas would be great. Add some finishing touches by using accessories such as a ring, a cane, or a medallion with faux gems, and vampire fangs.

To become a modern, fierce vampire, go for a sexy or menacing vampire Halloween costume and add some fake blood to your pale makeup. Fangs that appear to drip blood can be perfectly used for adding a bloodthirsty touch to your Halloween look. We also have wigs that provide the same hairstyle as that movie heartthrob. To make your vampire look more realistic, drink a dark-red-colored beverage from an elegant crystal goblet!