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Witch Halloween Costume Ideas

When you think of a witch, you probably imagine an old, ugly, or even green woman that always wears black clothing. Truly, witches have sort of a bad rap, largely due to the exaggerated myths and misunderstandings about their real purpose.

In ancient times, long before the modern medicine appeared, there were women who were well-versed in the use of herbs and plants as a source of treatment and healing for the sick or otherwise afflicted. People relied on these medicines, as they had no other options to choose from. These ‘healers’, or witches, were an aid to people and their purpose was to heal.

Witches will always be one of the most dominant symbols that are associated with Halloween. Traditional witch looks are always fun to recreate, usually with a classic pointed hat and black clothing. Today, there are lots of other variations on the basic witch look. Sexy witch costume ideas are a far cry from the ugly hook-nosed hags. These sassy and seductive witch Halloween costume ideas will take you a little bit over to the dark side, in a completely bewitching way.

More whimsical witch costume ideas are made for those flirty Halloween looks. Cute witches, Gothic Witches, Fairy Witches, Glamorous Witches and, of course, traditional Witches – any of these styles is a great choice for Halloween.

Not all witches are created equal. There are beautiful good witches, ugly, evil witches, and many variations in between. Our witch Halloween costume ideas run a wide gamut. On the one hand, we have the “classic” look of a long black dress and a cone-shaped hat. On the other hand, we have cute, vibrant, and whimsical witch costumes that suggest white magic. At our online store, you will find everything you may need to concoct a magical masquerade!

Ah, witches. The thought of a witch conjures up images of an evil, the crooked-nose enchantress who is capable of turning her ex-boyfriend into a warty toad. If you are going to spice up your Halloween party with a little bit of scary, sexy, flirty, or naughty fun, then go for one of our fabulous witch costume Halloween ideas.

All of our witch costumes are available in the traditional all black, satin dress that comes with a pointed hat and a flowing cape; however, if you need something a little more daring, the mistress of the dark Halloween costume can add a dash of horrific sexy to your night out.