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Zombie Halloween Costume Ideas

Feeling hungry? Zombie Halloween costume ideas offer you all the fun of looking like a zombie without the mess of eating brains. The wandering dead bodies are a mixed bunch, and we have lots of zombie costume ideas to satisfy your flesh-craving needs.

We have doctors, gangsters, queens, gladiators, brides and grooms, and other zombie Halloween costume ideas in our selection, so take your pick – from our zombie costumes, not our customers, of course!

The horror of these evil zombies makes them perfect Halloween costume ideas. Anyone can be a zombie man, woman, or child and we have a whole horde of zombie fancy costumes for you to choose from. Our all-time favorite zombie Halloween costume ideas are the complete zombie outfit.

Zombies’ clothes are torn, dirty, and bloodstained. Their faces and exposed skin are rotting, and inner organs can protrude. As long as it is not hard to get dirty, ragged clothes, it is not easy to get that rotting-flesh look you need.

With our online store, you zombification is as simple as possible! We offer easy-to-use zombie makeup kits that will provide you with that “fresh” zombie look. If you want to show advanced decomposition, get one of our prosthetic wounds that come with complete instructions and are easy to use. If you would prefer to try one of our horrifying zombie masks, then complete your look with fake intestines.

Today, women who want to keep their femininity do not have to wear dirty and torn clothes. They can wear pretty dresses. Zombie costume ideas for women are not only attractive, but they even offer an extra benefit of being two Halloween costumes in one. Parades and parties can now include characters like a zombie prom queen, zombie bride, zombie doll, zombie flapper, and others.

With our fabulous zombie costume ideas, even the most dedicated zombie purist will surely find a zombie costume she loves, and with so many accessories and makeup choices, zombie costume ideas for women offer a great ability to customize every zombie Halloween outfit. If you cannot beat zombies, then join them! Our zombie costume ideas come in sizes and styles for the whole family: women, men, and kids.