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International Halloween Costumes | Worldwide Costume Ideas

Bring different nations together this Halloween by wearing one of our international costumes. Open your eyes to a new world and explore different cultures. There are many ways to wear a costume representing a foreign culture, whether it is for a Halloween party, an international festival, or even just a themed event where you are going to look your best.

Our international costumes can represent a wide variety of nationalities, from Spain and Scotland to Japan and even Russia. These costumes are also a perfect way to bring ancient times to life with international costumes from ancient destinations like Greece and Rome.

Whether you are hosting or attending an international bazaar, fair, or a party, or if you are going to teach a group of children about a new culture, there is nothing better than a traditional costume. When teaching about ancient Greece, a toga will set the scene and help understand the era.

Do you know how to pronounce “Guten Morgen!” or “Wie Theissen Sie?”? Do you like beer? Because Germans do! Act like German woman or man in one of our cool German Halloween costumes. If you do not speak German, no worries because your costume will tell everything for you.

All you need is to practice your best accent or favorite German greetings! When it comes to German costumes, we offer many options to choose from, from a traditional German costume and German beer girl costume to a Swiss girl costume and zombie beer maiden costume.

Take a trip to the Middle East with our adorable selection of Arabian Halloween costume ideas. Pick up Arabian costumes for the whole family along with coordinating accessories to complete your Halloween look. Become a sultan, sheik, exotic goddess, or a desert princess with our international Halloween costume ideas.

Want to practice the sexy seductive dance? If so, then get one of our belly dancer or gypsy Halloween costumes. Whether you are going to be a gypsy from “I Dream of Jeannie” or a mystical wanderer, our amazing belly dancer and gypsy costume ideas are your best choice!

A good international costume is a perfect way to bring attention to your style at any costume party. While other Halloween costumes lack creativity, international costumes show the wearers’ interest in travel, distant lands, and their cultures. It is always fun to play dress-up in outfits like a Spanish matador, a Parisian dancer, or even an Indian Bollywood movie star.

Look your best while standing out from the crowd in one of our adorable international costumes and see also Cowboy Halloween Costumes.