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There are no doubts that Tomb Rider is one of the most enduring and beloved video game characters of all time! The success of the video game spawned feature movies, countless sequels, and even comics. Lara Croft’s bravado and seductive appeal have made the character a pop culture icon for movie fans and gamers of any age alike. Our licensed Tomb Rider costume ideas will let everyone turn themselves into a sexy action hero for the next Halloween party!

To become the center of everybody’s attention at the next Halloween party, all you need is to grab one of our Tomb Rider costumes and pack some heat, as you never know what adventure you will face while combing tombs for artifacts and relics. If caves are sort of your thing, then our Tomb Rider costumes are your perfect choice for the next Halloween party!

From the Blockbuster movies and popular video game Tomb Raider, we bring our clients the iconic Tomb Raider costume ideas. Get one of our Tomb Rider costumes, suit up, and prepare for an adventure! Not everyone gets excited about dressing up like vampires, zombies, monsters, and mummies for Halloween. Some people just look different. Our Tomb Rider costumes are the perfect choice for those who want to participate but are not going to go for scary outfits.

Do not hide your fabulous self under head-to-toe apparel like a wicked witch or a nun for Halloween and dress up as appealing Lara Croft. Our online store is the place where all your costume and accessory needs are covered with free delivery anywhere in the UK, USA, and Canada. For more Costume Ideas, browse our extensive selections of Mascot Costumes and Deluxe Costumes, where you will find a wide variety of high-quality costumes to wear for the next Halloween party!