Homemade Halloween Costumes 2015

There are lots of commercial Halloween costumes available on the market today, however, between the cost, lack of imagination, and the fact that you end up with many other people all looking the same at the next Halloween party, nothing beats homemade Halloween costumes. Here are some basic homemade Halloween costume ideas for you to play with. All are easy, cheap, and allow for a lot of imagination.

Homemade Halloween Costumes From The Closet

Why dress up like the same old plain ghost? A ghost that goes out in public might like to get dressed up a little. To create a perfect ghost homemade Halloween costume, use an old white sheet. The first step is to cut out holes for your eyes and a small slit for your mouth. The second step is to dress up a little by putting eye shadow and lashes around the eye holes. Use lipstick for the ghost’s mouth. Put a little red or pink color on the cheeks.

Do not forget about earrings and a necklace! For a man, draw a beard or mustache. As you can see, a usual white sheet can be a perfect basis for a good homemade Halloween costume. The only thing you need is makeup and your imagination!

For a clown Halloween costume, use clothes that are too large. To make your costume look bright, use either markers, or fabric paint, but if you dare, try to tie-dye it. Get some pop-pomes, a wig, hat, makeup, and other vibrant accessory ideas. If you have a lot of extra space in your clothing, then stuff it with some tissue for a more realistic look!

If you have an oversized flannel shirt and a pair of blue jeans, then make a scarecrow homemade Halloween costume. For it, make patches on your jeans, use rope as a belt, and stuff the shirt and jeans with paper, or plastic grocery. Get a little bit of straw and make it hang out of your clothes. And, finally, add some finishing touches with the help of makeup.

For man, who is going to create an American tourist Halloween costume, a Hawaii shirt, large straw hat, and shorts are needed. Ladies should stick to bright, loud dresses, big sun hats, flats, and straw bags. Do not forget to grab a camera, a hanging out map, and a look of being lost.

Have you ever dreamed to become Mother Nature? If so, then you will need an old skirt and vest, silk flowers, and plant leaves in a variety of colors and shapes. Do not forget about face mask, twigs, a foam bird, and a glue gun. If you have all of these things, then you are ready for making a creative homemade Halloween costume! Firstly, decorate your skirt and vest with the silk leaves in a random pattern, then make the silk flowers grow out from the leaves on the skirt. Remaining silk flowers and leaves should be used for decorating the face mask. To make a nest, gather the twigs and secure them with wire. Place your bird in the nest and secure it with glue or wire, then fill the nest with leaves. For the evening walk, wear a turtleneck and a pair of leggings to stay warm.

Do It in Tights and Sweats, or Leotards

Have you ever wanted to become an insect for the next Halloween costume? Probably no, but you have surely dreamed about having a unique Halloween costume. With a ladybug homemade Halloween costume, your dream will become true! For a perfect ladybug Halloween costume, wear black sweats and a black sweatshirt as well as a pair of black shoes. Use a large piece of cardboard or poster board and cut out a big oval, then paint it in red color with black dots. To make armholes, settle black elastic pieces in loops onto the board, and to create the antenna, use craft pipe cleaners and black pom-poms and attach them to a headband.

If you need an easier homemade costume for your kid, try a snowman Halloween costume that is one of the best baby Halloween costume ideas. For this costume, you will need Christmas socks, white sweats, white tennis shoes, fake snow, a plastic bird, carrot, white mask, cheap black hat, scarf, black pom-poms for the coal, and mittens! Spray fake snow on the hat to create a look of a snowball and add a cheap red bird from a craft store. Glue carrot onto the nose part of the mask, then glue the pom-poms on the sweatshirt. The snowman homemade Halloween costume is ready! Cheap, simple, and adorable!

For the easiest homemade Halloween costume, make a Lego block Halloween costume. Take a medium sized box, cut two round holes in the sides to create armholes. Glue six cottage cheese containers on the top of the box to create a Lego piece. Spray-paint the whole thing, whatever color Lego you need to be. Slip into the open part of the back of the big painted box and stick your arms through the armholes. The Lego Halloween costume is ready!

Homemade Halloween Costumes for Chair Users

With a little thought you can make a chair a natural part of the homemade Halloween costume. Here are several ideas to get you started. It is easy to make a king or queen throne. The only thing you need to convert a chair into a throne is to wrap the back and arm rests with silver or gold foil or paper. Use old jewelry, plastic gems (from craft store), Christmas garland to give it that “special look.” Simply buy a scepter or crown in a retail store, or make your own!

There is one more homemade Halloween costume idea for chair users that is a skier Halloween costume. Skiers have a bad habit of falling and breaking bones that opens the door for a great homemade Halloween costume. Just put on some ski clothing (a scarf, hat…) and wrap your leg in wide white gauze (to create a look of a cast), but if you really want to “ham it up”, wrap your arm, too!

Finally, to create a perfect homemade Halloween costume, you have to use makeup! To make your own makeup, you will need two tablespoons of soft shortening, four tablespoons of cornstarch, and food coloring. Mix shortening and cornstarch together, separate the recipe into several cups, and add food coloring. Apply a thin coat of cream to your entire face and, with the help of a cotton ball, pat makeup over cream with your eyes being closed. Use fingertips to apply makeup.

by Merca709