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Realistic Caribbean Pirate Costume


Realistic Caribbean Pirate Costume | Arrgh matey! This Realistic Caribbean Pirate Costume is a complete and authentic looking pirate costume for men.


Realistic Caribbean Pirate Costume

Being a pirate takes more than just a taste for rum and a funny accent. It also takes charisma, skill with a sword, a dashing outfit and a taste for rum! Wait, did we already mention the rum? We can’t really help you on the charisma or rum end of things, but we can help you out with a dashing swashbuckler outfit. From head to toe, this authentic costume brings the Caribbean pirate look from the 1700’s straight to you. In fact, it might make you look a little TOO much like a pirate. One of our programmers put it on and immediately tried to plunder all of the gold doubloons in the office. To make a long story short, programming had their bandana-wearing privileges revoked and Craig is no longer allowed to say the word, Arrrrrrrgggh, during business hours, but you’re completely welcome to do both of those things in this top-notch outfit.

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