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White Baldman Wig


White Baldman Wig | Some people, while getting old, just don’t want to let go of the little hair they have left. And thus, the combover is born. If you aren’t quite old enough to have your own comb over yet, you can luckily just wear this White Baldman Wig!


White Baldman Wig

Comb overs are the wave of the future. Sure, guys who wear them now, might just be a laughingstock to most people, but our guess is, in about 5 years, they’ll be the coolest! That’s why you need one of these bald man wigs. When the new trend hits, you don’t want to be stuck with a full head of hair. Of course, you could always just use this wig to look like your dad’s weird friend, Bob. Seriously, what is the deal with that guy?

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